Castle Story – Preview

I couldn’t resist and purchased the early access to this nice game. I saw it first on Kickstarter, but at that time I didn´t had money to spare so I waited. Now I took my chance with the Steam Early Access.

Well, the game is still work in progress and you can see it. Building and gathering ressources works, but there are still bugs and a lot of stuff to add.

In my few tries I was able to build a small tower without issues. The next time the Bricktrons weren´t able to build the second floor. Then the mining abilities were not there and they just stood in front of the stones doing nothing.

The game comes with one map in sanbox and one in survival, but the community is already creating new maps with the map editor.  In survival mode you have a time limit and when it runs out the enemies are attacking your crystal (where you summon new troops) and you have to fight them off.

Sometimes your warriors didn´t attack the enemy, but as I said before the game is under development. It looks nice when the trees are falling and your yellow minions are kicking the wood around instead of gathering it.

Overall this game can be a nice diamond in the strategy and building genre, but it will take some more time to get it there. I enjoyed the first steps in it, but I will wait for some more updates.


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