Godus – Preview

Who doesn´t know god games like Populous or Black & White. Godus goes in the same direction. You prepare the ground for you worshippers so that they can built houses and make more people.

The difference now is, you have to gather ressources which are hidden in chests and barrels around the land and also you have to win some in the Multiplayer Battles (which are currently against a single AI). The multiplayer is a match to reach the biggest population while the clock ticks down.

When you reach a certain amount of people you increase the area you can control.  To perform tasks you need “mana” which is generated through the buildings and also when you destroy trees and rocks. Also with ressources you unlock better buildings and your civilization can advance through the time. I am currently one age before medieval.

While the game is quite funny it still lacks some more goals to motivate you and also the multiplayers lacks, well multi players :). But I think this game can become a nice god game next to Populous and Balck & White.



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